Sunday 19 February 2017

LITTLE GEMS: Sigiriya Hale, Grub Street Food, Wreckfish Pop Up, The Con Club & Learning to cook spelt!

Wow! I am exhausted! I feel like I've literally been eating all weekend! Not complaining though, it's been amazing! This week I've tried so many new places and new things. So, because this is such a long post full of pictures, I'm going to let them do most of the talking. So sit back, relax and enjoy some pictures from my foodie adventures this week. I hope you're not too hungry because there's a LOT of food here!!

Yummy Breakfast! Poached Egg & Wilted Spinach on Granary

First smoothie bowl of the year! I was so excited to have this, it means warmer temperatures are on their way and I can't wait. This tasted of Summer! Amazing!

One of my old-school 'Love Bowls'. Not had this in ages either. Put it all in a big bowl...

and mix it all up! :)

Valentines meal for me and hubs! I went for a simple Chinese dinner. King prawns with garlic, chilli and asparagus and salmon with chopped vegetables. Really speedy to cook and tastes delicious!

My dessert for Valentines! Homemade dairy-free chocolate pudding. It tastes like heaven and is 'technically' good for you. Made with coconut oil, vegan chocolate, gluten-free flour and coconut sugar! Please don't judge the presentation ha ha! Yes it looks ridiculous but it tasted great ha ha!

When you want Victor's but can't get out to eat it... bring Victor's to you! The best sushi takeaway!

Trying out a new protein powder this week. Getting back onto my smoothies again!

Delicious lunch at The Greenhouse on Friday. The BEST salads ever! 

I braved it! I made a spelt salad for the first time and it was delicious! Will post the recipe tomorrow. I've never cooked spelt before and so was a bit apprehensive. It turned out perfectly!

The best Valentines present from my hubster! Tickets to see Jack Whitehall at the Manchester Arena. He was absolutely hilarious as well! If you ever get a chance to see him... GO!

Eggs breakfast on Saturday. Omelette and spinach for me and omelette wrap for hubs :)

We ventured out to Grub in Manchester on Saturday for lunch. This place is so cool. It was in a brewery and was filled with street food places to eat. Oh Mei Dumpling was there too and I've been dying to eat their dumplings for ages. Was so chuffed to try them! They were soooo good that I've placed an order for some!


Veggie on the left and beef on the right :)

New York style fries from Eat New York. Seriously good fries!

Trying out a new matcha green tea powder this week. Will be doing a review on it soon.

So we were lucky enough to go to the opening of Sigiriya in Hale. Popped some pictures below for you to see...

So there was a set menu for the opening night. The place was jam packed which was great to see for a new business. Will be doing a full 'Eating Out' post here soon when we've had a full meal here! Had a lovely evening though :)

Then... the best part of my weekend... We got to visit a new restaurant in Liverpool called Wreckfish. The restaurant hasn't even opened yet, in fact they haven't even started doing a refurb yet so this was a super cool 'pop-up' restaurant which sold out their tickets on the same day! For those who don't know, Wreckfish is part of the same brand as my fav restaurant in Didsbury Hispi, plus Sticky Walnut and Burnt Truffle in Chester. It will be another fine dining restaurant and I swear this guy's food is INCREDIBLE! 

This was literally the kitchen set up! A glorified camping stove ha ha! I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to eat here before it even opened! Proper chufties ha ha!

Super long table that was filled with hungry, eager foodies!

I ate so much of this bread! Then they came back and refilled it! It was soooo good!!

First course, cauliflower soup - smooth and delicious. Even hubs was a fan and he hates the stuff ha ha

The equivalent of a grill - Gary Usher Styleee! They went blow torch crazy!

My veggie option - Charred Hispi Cabbage with truffle and hollandaise sauce

I can't tell you how good this food was. The chefs were cooking on a simple little gas stove at the front for us all to see. The standard of the food though was remarkable. Who would have thought a chargrilled cabbage could be that tasty?!?! Seriously impressed! Can't wait to go when it finally opens! 

Then, when I didn't think I could eat anymore... we hit up The Con Club for dinner. We wanted something that wasn't too heavy so we decided to share a few bits. Might look a bit random but it really hit the spot!

Goats cheese aranchini balls, butternut squash cous cous salad with tahini dressing, parmesan and truffle chips and some tenderstem broccoli. Perfect!

I hope this post wasn't too long! What can I say, there's been a lot of food this week! I hope you've all had a lovely week and a nice relaxing half term with kiddies.

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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