LITTLE GEMS: Breakfast, Brunch & Birthdays!

Hello! How are you? Good week? Sorry, I seem to always ask that ha ha! Hope it was a good one anyway. 

Here's some of my foodie adventures I went on this week...

I met one of my lovely friends for a brunch date at The Garden in Hale. I went for the Plant Power Breakfast which was amazing! This was basically my lunch on Tuesday and it lasted me all day! It has tofu scramble instead of eggs and it was actually rather yummy. I have always been a bit dubious about this 'tofu scramble' I hear about everywhere, but I would definitely have it again! My friend had my fav, the Harissa Hash with avocado and eggs. Yuuuummy!!

Wednesday night I made a delicious meal! I literally made it up as I went along, but it tasted so so good. I did a brown rice bowl with teriyaki aubergine and pak choy - plus my fav sauerkraut from Loving Foods. I've mentioned this before, it's all organic and also locally made too - win win!

Friday night we did something a little different. We went for a Supper Club at North Star Deli in Chorlton. It was a 7 course tasting menu and was actually really nice. I love trying new foods and new places so this was a nice change. Check it out...

Sourdough bread with a dipping oil and dukkah - I loved the dukkah blend. It was crunchy and so full of flavour! 

This was filled with goats cheese and dates. Sounds random and I've never had anything like it before but it was actually really nice.

I was so gutted about this. It was a rose and lime frozen yoghurt. I literally had about half a teaspoon but I know I just can't have dairy. It tasted amazing though, I'm going to try and recreate something similar with coconut cream or coconut yoghurt at home so I can taste it again ha ha! I think when you stop eating dairy, you really notice it when you start eating it again - even the weird slimy feeling you get in your mouth afterwards. Yes, you might think I'm crazy, but anybody who doesn't eat dairy will know what I mean!

I seriously don't eat pears enough! These were super tasty too, adding these to my shopping list next week!

So, I had a bite of this. I was so stuffed by this point though I couldn't eat it all. Hubs did a good job of polishing it off though ha ha!

Saturday we went for Dim Sum at Glamorous in Manchester. I will do a full post on what I ate though soon so you can see the full meal. Let's just say this is full on Chinese comfort food for me. The table's a disgrace and that's exactly how it's meant to be too! :)

Saturday night I made this delicious Spelt Salad. I took it up a gear though and added some fine beans, wild mushrooms, butternut squash and leeks. Plus a good drizzle of truffle oil too just to finish it off. I made a big batch so I had plenty for the next day too!

Today's breakfast was goood! I knew I didn't get a lunch break so I needed something to last me through the day. Poached egg and spinach on toast and avocado on toast with even more sauerkraut! I ate the lot and I was so stuffed I didn't eat until 7pm!

Now and again I'm allowed one! Coffee sends me crazy - like loop da loop crazy, but today I needed one. Yes it sent me a little mad, but definitely woke me up ha ha :)

Had a super tasty meal at The Railway Cafe in Alderley Edge. We went for a Birthday dinner for my cousin's birthday and had sooo much food! They have a new menu since the last time I went and it was really nice. Lot's of different flavours and I had such a lovely time! Happy Birthday Sessy! :)

Can't not have a little dessert right...? ;)

So, this is something I'm super proud of. My Viceroy & Grace Botanical Face Oil was shortlisted for an award! This means so much to me as each product is tried and tested. It's also open internationally too so it was up against some big brands. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I've already won just being shortlisted! Super chuffed with this. If you want to know more about my face oil, visit 

I wanted to leave this on a high. I saw the most incredible sunset tonight and tried to take a picture but it just looks a little.... well whack! ha ha! If you were on the M60 tonight though you might have seen it too. Just stunning! #Grateful

Well, that's pretty much it for this week. Not a massive amount to report I guess but I hope you enjoyed reading in any case!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Big Love,

Em x

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