LITTLE GEMS: A little bit of what you fancy does you good! Porta, Sugar Junction, Piccolinos, Fox and Victors!

Hello! How are you? Good week? I've had a great one :) 

I had such lovely feedback on my open letter I posted this week. It was so nice to hear such sweet comments of how it had helped people. So, thank you. It made my day! Have a read of the post here if you didn't get chance to see it.

Anyways... here are my little foodie adventures from the week. Hope you enjoy :)

Oooh this was cool! Wednesday night 'Deliciously Ella' came to Manchester. She was launching her new book in Waterstones on Deansgate and we could go and hear her talk. It was a lovely night and I got to meet her for a second time. Very sweet girl and she had some interesting things to say as well. Her book is called Deliciously Ella with Friends and I've been having a good read over the past few nights too! Great book if you're into more plant based food :)

Standard! Delicious avo toast with a poached egg and a shake of some chilli sauce. Nom nom nom!

I decided that I wanted to try out the baked porridge again this week. So, I managed to change my morning routine up a little and cook this in between all my morning jobs. It actually came out pretty well, the only problem was, it was so hot we were late by the time we'd finished it! ha ha!

Made a big bowl of veggie soup and noodles one night with some sea bass and asparagus. Yuuumy! I find I struggle to eat a whole piece of fish nowadays, maybe something to do with the fact I don't eat meat anymore. Is that just me? Any other pescetarians the same? I find I'm better with white fish, but even this piece I had to give half to hubs.

Had a lovely Friday this week. Went to my yoga class in the morning and met one of my friends for some food in Piccolinos in Alderley Edge. This was a very overindulgent lunch - especially when you're going to try on clothes afterwards in Sweaty Betty ha ha! All that butter - oh god! ha ha

We both went for the raviolo - I had the butternut squash and my friend went for the crab. Both were delicious - but yikes, that yellow sauce is not really sauce, it's BUTTER!!

What can I say... it's all about balance right?? he he!

Then, Friday night we went for dinner at Fox restaurant in Hale Barns. Hubs had a pizza and I had the sweet potato and chickpea stew? (I think that was what it was called) It came with a salad and I ordered some bread to dip in as well. 

Really tasty, I just couldn't finish it all. It didn't look that big but it was pretty much a whole sweet potato and chickpeas. I was stuffed afterwards!

Then, Saturday we went for a gorgeous meal at Porta. I've never been here before and the food was great. Will do a post on this place very soon!

We ordered so much food but managed to finish it all! What can I say... I'm known to eat like a Gremlin ha ha!

Then, after all that food, we staggered across Alty to go to Sugar Junction. This was another place I'd not been to before and wanted to try. I was pleasantly surprised! I had the brownie and hubs went for the Chocolate Orange Cake. Mine was really delicious but I think hubby's was a bit dry - In true gemini fashion, I gave hime my ice cream as I can't have it and it was a little better - problem solved he he! They actuaully came to us afterwards and said they had taken it off the menu as it was too dry so they gave it us complimentary - even better still!

Saturday night was a lazy dinner! We took advantage of having a new M and S on our doorstep and just got loads of food to put in the oven - So it kind of looked like this! Turns out we had enough food for 4 people! Let's just say the cat had a rather luxurious tea that night!

M & S Thai Fish cake, mash, roast potatoes, garlic mushrooms and some greens. Looks miserable as hell but tasted great!

Finally Mamma and I hit up Victor's this afternoon/evening. The food was yum as always but the veggies took sooooo long to come I didn't even bother taking pictures. To be fair they did apologise but it meant that we ended up just eating broccoli and veggie tempura as a course on it's own! Not amazing when you want it with your sushi! Yes, yes I know... First world problems! Left with a full belly though so no complaints really there.

I hope your week was good, I had such a fun time this weekend plus even though I was working I had a great day in the clinic. I've also started putting some videos up on my YouTube channel too so make sure you look out for them. At the moment, they are all skincare related, but who knows... I might venture out a little into the foodie world too!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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