Sunday 11 September 2016

LITTLE GEMS: Sneaking here and there!

Well, it's been another busy week again full of food and good times! How was your week? Have you been busy too? I've managed to sneak in a few tasty meals out and also some really delicious meals for myself at home too - I think home cooking is my fav style though hands down.

Managed to sneak in a yummy bite to eat from The Garden after my yoga session on Monday. I adore this so much! It's the sweet potato harissa hash. Major yumminess!!

Afternoon snack - the vegan version of strawberries and cream. Here is my cashew cream on top of berries. If you have not tried this you must, it so delicious and creamy. I never thought it would taste this good but it really does. You can find my recipe here.

This was my dinner Tuesday night. I ate pretty late, but was determined to have some rice so I ate a little later than I had to but rice had to be cooked! So worth the wait! I will put the recipe of this up soon with my special harissa and tahini dressing I created. Yummy!

The very nearly black smoothie! I actually can't remember what I put in this, I think it was banana, almond milk, frozen cherries, frozen spinach and a date. Oh what d'ya know, I can remember ha ha!

Thursday breakfast was homemade porridge with a homemade fruit compote and cashew butter. I have a recipe on the blog for this, but to make the compote you just need to put a handful of frozen berries in a small pan. Turn up the heat and add a drizzle of date syrup or maple syrup and cook them down until they soften. It literally takes the same time as it does to make the porridge and is so much better for you than jam. Why not give it a try!

Lunch at home on Thursday consisted of me clearing out the contents of the fridge. I made some more brown rice, used the left over black beans, some leftover asparagus from hubby's dinner one night, half a leftover avocado, leftover tahini dressing and one lonely egg. I then chopped some cashews up and toasted them in a pan and sprinkled them on top. Seriously gave it a tasty crunch plus another dimension to the meal. I think toppings are so important to a dish, they can really finish it off. whether it be just a sprinkle of crispy onions, toasted nuts, chopped herbs, seeds or sprinkle of seaweed - it all makes a big difference to the final meal.

Managed to sneak out again for a quick bite in Victors - so I already had fed myself so I just munched on the veg tempura whilst my friend dived into the rest ha ha! Can't beat a bit of Victor's now and again - love this place!

Semi-late dinner at Vapiano in The Corn Exchange on Friday night. Pasta is pretty good and very fresh. Service was rather lacking though I'm afraid, plus the lighting is really not good for photos! 

Managed to get a seat that looked out into the Triangle (I still call it that!), such a nice atmosphere here, you don't feel like you're in town.

Penne with tomato and chilli and also linguine with prawns and chilli. I thought it was quite nice, maybe a little bit too 'saucey' but looks shocking in these photos! The whole place is in a pink light - makes your food look such an odd colour! Oh, plus we also ordered garlic bread which never arrived! Not to worry though, I was so stuffed after all that pasta!

Saturday morning breakfast! This is hub's plate, I didn't have an omelette, so I just made him one. His plate looked so much more colourful than mine though ha ha! Mine was just veggie sausages and beans - tasted yum, looked so depressing though ha ha!

Lunch and dinner on Saturday, I made so much I had the rest at night! Roasted veggies with chard and watercress salad. This is so simple but so tasty. Will post a recipe up soon!

Had the day to myself on Saturday so might have got a bit carried away baking - oops! I don't bake naughty food like this very often and we had friends coming over so I thought I would treat us all. Let's just say there were around 4 brownies left by Sunday morning! I will take it as a compliment! Here I made Mars bar cake from my `Primrose Bakery book, plus Nigella Lawson's brownies  (minus the walnuts) from 'How to be a domestic goddess'- fav cook book ever! 

I hope you all had a great week! 

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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