LITTLE GEMS: Friends and Family Time

Hello! How are you? How was your week? I've been working hard at the clinic and also trying to get more posts up for you all so I hope you're reading them! ;)

I've been out and about quite a bit this week so I've been taking pics of everything like a mad woman! Here's a quick rundown of my week! Hope you enjoy... x

Spent Monday night at Fox restaurant with my Mamma for the second day in a row! Check out my review here on Fox restaurant. I had the plaice and Mamma went for the beetroot salad.

Had some super tasty porridge on Tuesday! Yummy! Just discovered these new toppings called mulberry crumble. It's literally pieces of dried mulberries that you can either eat as a snack or sprinkle over food. I choose to sprinkle and they make such a difference in the overall flavour. Slightly on the pricier side, but well worth it!

Wednesday was a treat day! Took the day off with one of my besties and went to town for shopping and eating - the BEST combo!
We went to Mr Cooper's House and Garden in The Midland Hotel for lunch. The food here is great and they do a really good lunch menu. Here is the warm sourdough bread with 'whipped' butter! How very posh! Will do an eating out post on here soon.

And well, you probably won't believe this but after town, we hit the Trafford Centre! I saw the new Bridget Jones film and then we carried on shopping. I was so tired by the time we finished I needed some substantial comfort food to sort me out - cue Bills Restaurant.
We both opted for the Fish Finger Sandwich - The ultimate comfort food! I had sweet potato fries with mine. It kind of hit the spot but the bread was a little stale and my fries were cold :( I was so hungry mind, I didn't really care! After that, I was off home to bed - didn't get in till 11pm! Zzzzzzz!

Thursday was my wedding anniversary! 4 years married to the love of my life! This is me on the right and hubs on the left ha ha! Just a casual Saturday in the park he he!

Went for lunch at The Greenhouse on Friday with one of my gorgeous friends from yoga. I went for the 5 salads as always - delish!

Then, Friday night we were treated to dinner at Sakana with the family! This place is huuuge!

I can't tell you how much food there was! It was insane! We did have a large table of people, but wow there was so much food. I will put a post up soon on the food there. It's a mostly Japanese style restaurant with some Thai foods as well - Asian Fusion Style.

Saturday morning called for a big breakfast! I also made poached eggs too which is something I've never made before believe it or not! I think I tried to make them about 10 years ago and for some reason it didn't work (I think the water was boiling and not simmering). They were perfect! I was so proud of myself! I had one egg and hubs had two. Then, some veggie sausages, beans and toast (hubs buttered the toast FYI! Hence the 'white' layer on the toast! ha ha ha!) 

I was so full after this! So we went for a late lunch out at The Greenhouse.

Yes, two days on a run I went here but I just love the food. As it was a weekend, I treated myself to their oat pancakes. It sounds gross, oat pancakes layered with a tomato sauce and then covered in cheese but its amazing! Like seriously delicious! Then a big plate of salad to fill the other corner of my belly :)

Then, I know this sounds random but I made apple crumble for dessert on Saturday night. This recipe is so simple and 'healthy' I made it for my breakfast on Sunday. It was lovely hot with some Coyo Coconut Yoghurt. I would recommend this so much, I only used date syrup to sweeten it and then coconut sugar in the 'crumble' on top. The crumble is made from flaked almonds, rolled oats and coconut oil.

So, I can say it's been a good week for food! Let's see what next week brings! Have a great week everybody and thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x


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