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It's been a bit of a 'quiet' week this week. Not necessarily at work, but in a food sense I feel that I don't have too much to share.

There have been a lot of acai bowls though, that much I can say! So many that I got to a point where I stopped taking pictures of them ha ha!

So I managed four of these babies this week! It's been so warm and I've just not had much inspiration in the mornings - plus I do think I'm a little bit obsessed with them. They are so delicious and refreshing it's untrue. I think my fav one this week was the one in the pic above. I made it early before my yoga practice and put it in the freezer with hubby's and it was seriously cold! It had frozen slightly as well, so it was almost like ice cream! Yum! Everybody must love the idea of ice cream for breakfast right? Or am I just weird ha ha!

To mix it up though, I had a really tasty breakfast bruschetta one day. We had it on sourdough bread as well - which is my favourite ever!

These are so simple to make and yet so delicious. Plus, I don't add any onions so you don't stink on your way to work!

My lunches this week have been the usual organic soup from The Garden in Hale. I seriously can't beat these and they are the BEST soups I have ever had. I can't even make them this good myself! Well, Winter will be on it's way soon (as I sit here sweating whilst writing this!) and I will be the new soup making queen! Watch this space!

I did get time however, to sneak out to The Greenhouse on Wednesday. I had my usual plate of 5 salads and I swear these are the tastiest salads in the area. They are so so delicious and I never get sick of this place. From the cool jazz music playing in the background, to the friendly service (albeit a little bit Victoria Wood Sketch like ha ha). It's great!

I also couldn't have been happier this day as they had all my fav salads out! Oh my! Heaven for £5.85! ha ha

I made a really delicious  dinner on Wednesday night before going to yoga. I'm not usually one to go for the Linda McCartney range, but this seems to catch my eye in Sainsburys. Firstly, I think they have done a little bit of a re-brand and I must say it's rather pretty! Secondly, I was in the mood for some kind of veggie burger but slightly different - this was exactly what I wanted. I think they label these as Veggie Cakes, but it's just another type of burger. I was quite crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside - always good in my book! Plus it was spicy which I like!
I had this with a new rice mix which I bought from the health food shop on Oxford Road (next door to The Greenhouse) which I wanted to try. It was around £3.99 I think for the packet and instead of using it all, I did it half and half with brown rice to make it go further.

I also cooked it with a little bit of vegetable stock to add more flavour and it tasted really good! Even got hub's approval too! I then had it with some fried kale and drizzled over my harissa and tahini dressing. I have been obsessed with this stuff since I bought the BIGGEST jar of tahini and had to do something with it! It's so rich and creamy but not sickly. Love this stuff!

Then, Saturday we ventured out into Hale Village and I found myself in The Garden again! Been here around 5 times already this week but I'm not complaining. The food is consistently good and there's plenty of food on the menu so why not keep going back - plus I didn't have soup so it's fine ha ha!

We shared Nachos and their Summer Rolls. I need to say that I've never had the nachos here before but they were seriously yum! Super crunchy too which I love. Can't stand a nacho that's so thin it flops as soon as it sees the guac! Plus, I'm also a little obsessed with their alkaline water. This stuff is so good for your health. You must check it out next time you're there!

Then, Sunday was all about eating out and beauty! I went to the Professional Beauty Trade Show and sat through four very interesting seminars about skin, health and social media. First though was breakfast!

We decided to check out the new Fox Restaurant in Hale Barns square. We both went for Eggs Benedict. Just what I needed, something to fill my belly before a day of sitting in seminars!

Then, I went to the beauty show which was so busy!

It's always good to see it busy though. Good to know there are a lot of people still interested in the industry and lots of new products on the market.

Then we went for a very late lunch (or very early dinner!) at Home Sweet Home in the Great Northern

Wowsers! Some serious cakes here! I didn't get to sample this time but maybe another time. Not the biggest fan of sponge with buttercream but these do look incredible!

So, it was all about comfort food! I completely indulged in nachos (I didn't eat that many yesterday) and hubs had a burger. This was the biggest plate ever and I pretty much cleared it. You can't not have a big plate of comfort food on a Sunday. No, I wouldn't be eating this everyday but now and again why not!

I hope you had a great week! Not too stressful! I've hopefully got some more posts coming up this week for you. I've also been asked to be a guest blogger for The Garden in Hale (seriously so so chuffed about this!) so why not check out my blog post on The Garden's website about how to look after your skin going into Autumn/Winter. Have a nosey here :)

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x


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