Friday 1 July 2016

EATING OUT: Brasserie Blanc Knutsford

So last weekend we got an invite to the launch of the new Raymond Blanc's Brasserie Blanc in Knutsford. I was actually quite excited as I've been wanting to try somewhere new for quite a while.

It was just a soft opening, so all the staff were still finding their feet. The service was good though and everybody was really friendly and helpful.

Loving a tile ha ha!

The restaurant had a really simple, clean decor. I guess it was quite masculine but still really nice.

We both had quite a late lunch so I really couldn't face a three course meal. The food was quite nice, pretty simple and a lot of grilled meats and fish. They only had one vegetarian dish on the menu unfortunately but it was still ok. 

We didn't really have a starter, but hubby ordered some bread and dips (you do get more than this but he already ate half before I took the pic!). The dips were balsamic and oil, olive tapenade and also a mustard mayo.

Then he had steak frites and I went for a chickpea burger/patty type thing. 

He said is steak was really good too, I don't think the fries were the best but I guess each to their own

These were my little burgers. To be honest I couldn't eat both as I really was still full from lunch, but even so they were just ok. I think because it was a soft launch they were still ironing out any probs, so my burgers were not completely cooked through. They did taste quite nice though, it was just the texture wasn't great. It was also a shame as there was only one vegetarian option on the menu. I think there are so many people becoming more aware of their health, they are starting to cut down on meat. Anyhoo, that's beside the point right now, the two dips on the plate were tomato and also a smoked aubergine which were tasty.

Finally, we had dessert. This was their Tarte Au Citron which was quite nice too. The texture inside was a little different. It wasn't smooth, but had pieces of lemon in it. Kind of random but the flavour was ok.

Overall it was quite a nice meal. I would definitely go back and try it again when they are up and running for a few weeks. I think they might have a few teething problems to begin with, but hopefully by now they have been sorted out.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, what ever you're doing!

Big Love,

Emmaline x


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