FIVE FAVOURITES: Ways to keep cool at 2am!

I know it's been pretty hot at the moment - like roasting hot! It's been a bit challenging some nights to get to sleep and then once you are asleep to stay sleeping! I find if I have my fan on to begin with  can just about get to sleep, but it's when you wake up at 2am and can't stand the heat - that's when I struggle!

I have now got a few methods that work for me to help me get to sleep in the heat so I thought I'd share them with you. The heat is probably going to come and go over summer, but this way at least you're prepared for the next hit!

1 - Wet your hair
I did this one last night and I really found that it helped me stay a little cooler in the night. You can either just wet your hair (I find my hair can go a bit greasy though this way) or wash it and apply some hair treatments. I woke up this morning with a soft, curly mane! Luurvely!

2 - Dampen a sarong
One of my beautiful clients gave me this idea and I swear it works! If you find it's stupid o'clock in the morning and you just can't stand the heat then try this. Saturate an old sarong in ice cold water and wring it out. Simply drape it over you with the fan on in the room - I swear I almost shivered it cooled me so much!

3 - Summer Hot Water Bottle
This is a bit random, but super cooling! Half fill a hot water bottle with cold water and place it in the freezer to cool. Before you go to sleep take it out and wrap it in a towel (to absorb and condensation - we don't want a wet bed!) and put it in your bed. This will cool your sheets down and you can even keep it in your bed to keep you cool all night!

4 - Create your own air con

Why not try placing a bowl of ice underneath your fan in the bedroom at nice. The fan should pick up the cold air from the ice and blow it around the room!

5 - Cool YOU down

Instead of just trying to cool the room and then bed, why not cool your own body down. Either a cool shower before bedtime or even just running your wrists under the cold water tap can really help. Seems to cool your whole body down not just your hands!

I hope you've found this post helpful!

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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