LITTLE GEMS: Chia Puds, Burnt Truffle, Mowgli and Caffe Grande Weekend!

So, it's been a very busy week - like VERY busy! Not that I'm complaining though. How has your week been? Good? Busy? 
I've been so busy with the clinic, having work done at home and fitting in as much yoga in as possible, I've not really had much chance to blog.

I had a super tasty chocolate chia pudding though which is always nice!

We also had a healthy taco night too. Which were super delicious! Yum! I will put a recipe for these up soon!

Then, Saturday night we treated ourselves to a delicious meal at Burnt Truffle in Chester. It makes such a change visiting this side of Manchester/Cheshire instead of the usual Manchester/Trafford Centre trip. We had a very indulgent 3 course meal and the food was really good! Blog post coming soon!

Finally, today after work we ventured out to the Triangle and went to Mowgli Street Food Restaurant for something different. It was really tasty - these are the Chaat Bombs.

We also had the 'chip butty' and Tamarind Fries. Super delicious but erm... these are not chips or fries! They're roasted potatoes ha ha! Either way, I didn't care! They tasted amazing - Plus I was so so hungry, a Ritz cracker would have been amazing!

We also had the Temple Dahl and some rotis. Major carb attack but it was so worth it!

All gone!

Then, we really pushed the boat out and went to Cafe Grande in town for dessert and tea! Not something we would usually do but it was such a nice afternoon it was nice to stay out. Here I had the waffles and hubby had the strawberry fruit tart. These waffles were actual heaven! I highly recommend them! Yum!!

Now it's time to chill, get some work done and get to bed! It never stops!

I hope you've all had a great week!

Big Love

Emmaline x

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