LITTLE GEMS: Yoga Sunday

Eeeek! What a morning I had today! I teamed up with my amazing yoga teacher Adele from InHale Yoga and we did a facial yoga workshop! I was so excited and it went really well so I just want to say thank you to everybody that came, thank you for all your kind words and posts on social media, we are so so grateful.

Check out the studio looking all yoga ready!

Made a super yummy smoothie bowl for breakfast too this week. Such a great way to get greens in you without feeling like you're eating them (not that I mind though he he). This was a very simple banana, mango, date, nut butter, oats, water and green magic powder. 

I topped it with the usual suspects too. Goji berries, cacao, bee pollen and chia seeds. I also like to sprinkle some granola at the bottom of the bowl to add a bit of crunch. So yummy and just looks like a bright sunny day in your bowl - even if the sun isn't out in the sky :)

Had a bit of an experiment on wednesday night and made some stuffed peppers. I've never made anything like this before, but actually they were so delicious! I will post the recipe up soon for these. I stuffed them with brown rice, olives, artichokes and chickpeas! Yummy!

Then finally last night I made what I call comfort food. This is super quick, uses up food that needs to be eaten and tastes amazing too! GF pasta with my basil dressing, olives, artichokes and peas. This is super tasty and is pretty much store cupboard food too so I didn't have to shop for it. Look out for my recipe of this coming up next week!

I hope you have had a lovely week too. I'm always happy when I've got a week of yoga practices in and a full belly of delicious food - good times!

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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