Monday 3 October 2016

LITTLE GEMS: Being a social butterfly!

I'm really, really trying with this blogging lark! I promise I am! It's just so hard to keep up with it all. One day I will be there, honest I will!

I've had such a crazy week this week. It's literally been mental at the clinic! I've jetted off for a holiday and so had to try and squeeze everybody in before I went. I don't mind though, it's all worth it!

So, I guess I don't have too much to report today I'm afraid. When you've been working like crazy, taking pictures of food that's probably not that exciting hasn't come as a priority. Plus, I've not been feeling 100% either this week, so it's been a lot more quick and easy comfort food more than anything. Here's what I can report though so far...

So very yummy and quick breakfast early on this week. I'm addicted to Coyo Coconut Yoghurt at the moment and so I had it here with granola, frozen berries, homemade nut butter plus all the usual superfood toppings. I only ever have half a pot though as it's so rich and calorific. Just because it's made from coconut, doesn't always mean it's healthy! For me, I eat it because it's dairy free and suits my tummy better - it's very high in saturated fats though, so please don't be fooled!

So, after last weekend, when I taught myself to poach an egg for the first time (I know right! Ground-braking stuff!) I have become a bit crazy about doing it now. I try not to eat eggs too much in my diet, but once or twice a week I can cope with I think. I did try and cut them out altogether, but I did miss them a little, so now I only have them with something really tasty - not just eggs on toast - yawn! Boring! Anyhoo, here I made a super yum breakfast for me and hubs. Smashed avo on toast with a hit of lime and pepper, chopped tomatoes with pepper, fresh basil and a pinch of sugar and then a poached egg on top. All rested on a lovely slice of granary toast. This was really delicious and filled my belly all morning! Good times!

Standard! Post yoga smoothie bowl. Always my fav, really refreshing after a practice and good for me too. Yummy! Here I did banana, avocado and strawberry with granola topping and superfood sprinkles.

Now this was cool! I have heard so much about sweet potato toasts - how friggin random right! Well, anyways I decided to give it a go on Saturday before work (yes I worked a Saturday this week too! Don't expect it again anytime soon mind!) You slice your sweet potato to around half a centimetre in depth and stick them in the toaster, when it pops up, put it back in again. It's kind of random but actually works! Was really different instead of toast too, then I just topped it with smashed avo and balsamic glaze - obvs! ;)

Wednesday night I was invited to a 'Wellness' Event at The Garden in Hale to do a bit of networking. We all had to bring a dish and this was my plate of choice. Roasted veggie salad with crispy kale and pomegranate. Super delicious and seemed to go down a treat too. I met some really lovely people which was amazing. I love meeting new people, especially ones in a similar industry to me too. I met a gorgeous girlie called Faye who owns Loving Foods Ltd with her brother. She and her brother make their own organic sauerkraut from home. We were so lucky as they brought some with them and it was delicious!! I can't wait to buy some when I'm back, you must check them out here. Sauerkraut is so so good for your gut health and body overall. Their stories blew me away with the results they saw and so you really must check them out. It was so tasty!! Can't wait to get some!

So, I've not been here in forever! But, on Friday lunch, I met my Mamma in Minskis in Altrincham. If you've not eaten there then shame on you. This was the place to be for healthy salads and lunches before all the 'cool' places popped up. Back in the day I used to eat here so much and the food is still so great. Mamma had a tuna melt panini and I had a roasted vegetable bagel (side note: I've not had a bagel in years! I forgot how dense they are, hence I only managed half of it! Ha ha)

You really should try this place for lunch some time. It's all freshly made meals and it's a little family run business. Been in Alty for years and the standard has never slipped. Go with a girlfriend for a nice sandwich or wrap, or even it's a great place for breakfasts! Think beautifully plated poached eggs, pancakes, cakes etc. Always been a fav of mine, I just forget about it sometimes!

Friday night was a fashion event at Selfridges, launching their new contemporary collection. I went with some gorgeous girlies to check it out. 

Although it was all a bit random, I had a fun night - plus we left with goodie bags! Always worth a trip out for! It wasn't anything like our Harvey Nichols ones, but they were cute all the same. Nail polish, a bag, chocolate lollie plus a phone case (which I never got in mine! - Gutted)

Here's their new collection, it's where All Saints used to be upstairs in Manchester Exchange Selfridges. 

Saturday was my final Summer Rolls of the year from The Garden as I think their menu is changing again for Winter. Let's hope these can stay but be renamed as something else! I've become rather fond of these little beauties!

Then, finally comfort food on Saturday night. Pasta with a homemade tomato and basil sauce and some crispy fried kale. Anything that comes out of a bowl is always so comforting! Plus, I made this in less than 10 minutes! (I had previously made the sauce and frozen it - top tip!!).

Sunday was spent working, running around like a mad woman and jumping on a flight! Where am I? Why not check out my Instagram account here for some pics coming up soon!

I hope you all had a lovely week too! Thanks so much for reading!

Em x 

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