I have had an iPhone now for quite some time, many years in fact. The first time I moved over to 'The Dark Side' was for the iPhone 4s and to be honest, I've never looked back (apart from now and again when my battery dies after half a day or it just randomly cuts out mid phone call - I know, first world problems and all!), but what I love the most about my beautiful little piece of tech is the apps. I have apps for everything! I obviously have the usual ones that I'm sure you're aware of - Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc but I wanted to share some that I LOVE and find help my in my day. Yes they are a bit random, but that's the point of apps - they are! Have a read of my current five favs that I use pretty much on a daily basis, you never know, you might find one that you've never heard of before...

1 - Yoga Studio

I have probably mentioned this app before, but it's amazing! I used it every day whilst I was away on holiday and I always use it at home. There are some many classes available that you never get bored either. Check it out here. It costs around the £2.99 mark and is seriously worth every penny! You can link it to the health app too, so you can monitor you're progress.

2 - Pay By Phone

I have used this app now for quite some time and I swear it's a lifesaver if you park in town a lot. Anytime I go for dinner or do a spot of shopping (on saying that, when I'm shopping I'm usually in a car park) I use this app. You just get the code from the machine and then type it into the app. Then when you have registered, you just add your 3 digit security code and voila! Parking is done. Then, you can keep an eye on it to make sure you don't run over. It even sends a notification when it's getting close to the end of your time. Although the app is free, there is an admin charge to use it, but for me it's so worth it. Also, you can extend your time too, so if you fancy having dessert and you only have 10 minutes left, you can just add another 30 mins or an hour and you're good to go! Check it out here

3 - Sleep Cycle

Maybe a bit of a random one, but this is pretty cool! It tracks your sleep and so you can see if you had a good night's sleep or not. I mean, I know that you know more than anybody if you had a good sleep, but I just find it fascinating to see in the morning - I'm a bit of a geek with technology like that ha ha! It's a pretty cool app either way, why not check it out here. It also helps you wake up slowly too so it's not like a horrid raging alarm. This apparently makes it easier to wake up which I find works well for me, but I also always need my raging one too just incase he he!

4 - DPD Tracker

Another weird but useful app to have. Ok, so I know it's another random one, but if you're like me and are forever having parcels delivered (generally by DPD in my case) then this is sooo helpful. It allows you to track where the parcel is and how long it will be to get to you. You can also tell them a 'safe place' for them to leave your parcel and you can select this option at anytime (incase you have to nip out for some reason). It can tell you when it's been delivered and where to as well. All pretty helpful stuff to make sure you get your parcels on time. Avoid those horrible queues at the delivery office in some random location like Trafford Park Industrial Estate ha ha! Check it out here

5 - iZettle

Technically this is not just an app, it's a card machine that uses an app for the interface. I've snook this one in here though as I use it everyday for my business. If you are self employed and only take cash or cheques then that's fine, but for me I need to take cards and this is the perfect gadget to do that. Maybe you have a little side business and you have thought about taking cards but you didn't want to have to pay a rental each month if you're not using it all the time. This is perfect for that as you don't pay a line rental, plus the more you take, the less transaction fee you pay. Have a nosey at the website here and you can even earn £10 back with this discount code via the link!

There you go, my top 5 apps that I use everyday (or thereabouts!) There are so many other random ones I have in my phone, but I find these actually help me out so much - more than some weird 'punch the cat in the face' app ha ha!

Thanks so much for reading!

Big Love,

Em x

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