EATING OUT: Home Sweet Home | The Great Northern

So a few weeks ago after I went to the beauty show, hubs and I went for some food. My request was something super tasty, filling and comforting - bring on Home Sweet Home!

I've never actually been to this one before in The Great Northern. I have been to the one in the Northern Quarter once or twice but this place is huge!
If you have not been, I would say it's a really cool place to eat. Super chilled, a menu full of comfort food and you are left with a very, very full belly! 

As you can see at the top of the post I went for the Nachos and hubs had a burger sandwich. This was exactly what I needed - please bear in mind that it was around 5pm and I hadn't had any lunch (so don't judge me!). I'd not had nachos in so long and these really did not disappoint either! I believe that the burger was pretty good too!

It was one of those days! Bring on the Ginger Beer (obviously non-alcoholic) and hubs had the cream soda. I swear this was the ultimate place for comfort food seriously!

Mega plate of nachos!

So this place is really all about the cakes! They are massive! Have you seen these! Wowsers!
I'm so sorry to say that I didn't try any, I was so full after this I needed a food break ha ha! I would say though, if you're into your spongecake, this place might be for you!

Why not check it out this weekend, it's somewhere that's super chilled, it has friendly staff and really comforting food.

Have a great weekend and thank so much for reading!

Em x


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