LITTLE GEMS: Oh it's good to be back baby!

I'm back home! I had such a fab time away but I'm also so glad to be home. The weather however, is a little colder than it was in Dubai - to say the least! So, now I'm back I've been craving warm foods and the first thing I had was porridge! Delicious!
Can't beat a big bowl of porridge oats! Here I had it made with almond milk, homemade berry compote, bee pollen, date syrup and mixed seeds! Yum!

Then, that night I made a huge veggie stew. This is one of my favs and I added some mooli too which made it even better! This was so delicious! Will post the recipe up very soon!

Avo Toast - obviously ha ha!

Tasty brown rice bowl with kale, black beans, sweetcorn and avocado. Obsessed with these bowls, pretty quick to make and taste amazing!

This has got to be one of my fav acai bowls I've ever made! I made some cereal bars the other day and decided to crumble one over the bowl with some extra chia seeds, bee pollen and mulberry crumble. I can't explain how happy this made me ha ha!

Managed to spend some time with Mamma this week. Went to Victors for some sushi. Here is their vegetable tempura.

Tuna Sashimi

Flamed Salmon Rolls

Snook another bowl of porridge again this week after my amazing Yoga practice with my teacher Jane from The Yoga Kula. Felt fantastic after this!

Then, Friday night was dinner at the cheap and cheerful Al Jazeera. They were good enough to allow me to bring in some falafels too from next door :) Their naan is so good here - super thin and not at all stodgy!

We made a flying visit to Wales to see family on Saturday and on the way back we stopped at The Opera Grill as hubs wanted to check it out.

Pretty cool bar right!

It was pretty much all a Japanese menu bar bits and bobs. Will do an 'eating out' post here soon and let you know all about it!

When you cut open the perfect avocado you can't not take a pic of this! I swear it's like a gamble every time I cut one open! ha ha!

Today's breakfast! Sunday morning avo on toast with a poached egg. Always keeps me full till I've finished work!

Sunday roast out with one of my besties so back to Victors I went. I swear the roast is usually really good here but look at this vegetarian option! Erm WTF! One and a half tomato does not make a 'veggie option'! Last time I went they did this really nice roasted tomato filled with dahl, this time I was a little disappointed! To be fair it tasted good, but come on. I think we need to up the game here please!

So that was my week! How was yours? I hope you had some nice food too!

Thanks so much for reading

Big love,

Em x

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