Wednesday 5 October 2016

FIVE FAVOURITES: The Supplements I take

Over the past few years I have been taking quite a few supplements. Some on a daily basis and some not so often. I do feel though that for me, they help. I know in an ideal world, we should be eating a wide range of foods that cover all the vitamins and minerals that we need. Unfortunately though, this is not always the case and even if you're eating organic vegetables, they are not as nutrient dense as they used to be.
I know some of my clients are curious as to what vitamins I take and so I thought I would do a quick post on what works for me and my body. You can then take from this what you like. Maybe it will help...


I have taken a good quality multivitamin for years. Over time they have changed though, but at the moment I like to take the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vitamins. I take the Skin Vits 1 at the moment. They are just one (albeit huge) capsule but contain all of the vits and minerals that I need. They have 2 other types of multivitamins in the range, the skin vits 2 which are 4 capsules and then the Pro Vitality which is a blister strip of 6 capsules. I vary them depending on what I think I need at the time. Most of the year I take the Skin Vit 1s, but if I feel that I have a lot going on or I know it's going to be a month of busy things and seasonal changes, I like to take the Skin Vit 2 to give me and extra umph! Multivitamins for me are something that you don't always notice a difference when you're taking them, but as soon as you stop you notice it. I find that I have a slump at around 7pm and start to feel a little tired if I have not taken my vits for a while (hence they're always with me on holiday!), but if I take them it's like I can keep going till bedtime.

For years I have taken echinacea when I have started with a cold or flu like symptoms. Then, around a month or so ago, when the symptoms arrived I trundled down to my local health food shop to buy some more as I was out. As I asked the lady for some echinacea 'advice', she recommended that I also look into taking a Bio Glucan Supplement. So, after a little persuasion, she convinced me. I've been taking them now for just over a month or so and I like them. I started taking two a day for around a week and then now I have reduced it to one a day. I think I will continue taking them until the end of Winter, have a little break and then maybe start again just before the beginning of Summer. The health food advisor in the shop recommended that I take one a day, everyday... forever! But, as she was selling them to me I thought I wouldn't get too carried away!


I like to take some omegas daily if I can. These are not always in capsule form, but I try and get some good healthy fats in my diet each day as a 'supplement' in my diet. I used to take regular fish oil supplements, but as my skin is more acne prone, I have found that they can aggravate it a little. So, instead I take flaxseed oil or some foods high in omegas such as chia seeds, flax seeds or spinach (yes spinach contains omegas!). Omegas are great to help with brain function and from a skin care point of view, they are like an edible moisturiser - along with lots of other health benefits.

I like to take the Advanced Nutrition Programme Probiotics as I really feel that they work, You can add them to your juice or smoothies in the morning or just to a glass of water. Probiotics are necessary to help with your overall gut health which helps with your overall body health. If you have any health issues, it's always good to look at your gut and how it's processing foods. Inflammation in the gut can lead to a whole range of health issues. Probiotics can really help with these.


This is another supplement I have taken for years. Green magic contains 16 of the worlds best superfoods including chlorella, spirulina, royal jelly, Jerusalem artichoke powder plus much more. It can work as a probiotic, it contains protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. This is a supplement that definitely is like a medicine, in the sense you can taste it. I like to add it to smoothies and green juices to make them 'greener' as it were. They say you can sprinkle it on top of breakfast cereals and granolas but to me it just wouldn't taste right. The other way I used to take it was by just mixing it with water (as best it can) and drink it.

As I said, these are supplements that I take that work for me. Everybody is different and so if you have any questions, I would recommend talking to a nutritionist. The Advanced Nutrition Programme Range and also the Green Magic Supplements are available to buy in the clinic. I sell them in the clinic because I believe in them and I have seen results with them. If you find some that work for you though, you choose what works for you best.

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x

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